Visiting Greece For The First Time… How It All Began

Unlike many digital nomads or many travel bloggers you frequently read on the internet, I have limited time to go and explore the world. I neither have a gap year- not even a gap day with 2 kids- nor months of vacation time.

Instead, here is my story …

Long years ago, while I had a fancy career in a reputable bank in Turkey, I had a trip to Thailand.

A trip that was going to change my life… I don’t know whether it was the serenity, the people, or the wisdom, I just had a moment of realization when I returned to Istanbul. I was going to quit banking and change the direction of my life. What I needed was a much calmer life. I was also eager to write and document my travels.

Then came my Turkish blog

With the ups and downs of life, I travelled and wrote about places in my blog, I  had 2 kids and did the everyday errands that you may guess.

Then came Greece…..

Kokkari, Samos

Visiting Greece For The First Time

Frankly, Greece was not on the top of my travel bucket list for many years. Don’t get me wrong: Greece is a beautiful country and I personally loved Greek people whom I met in Turkey and other parts of the world. I always wanted to explore the faraway countries and that was why I wasn’t coming close to our Neighbour:) At that time, the proximity, the similarities, the contrasts that Turkey and Greece have was not appealing to me at all.

What a huge mistake…

On a hot August day in Istanbul in 2013, we decided that we needed a small vacation abroad with our 2 years old son. While we were searching for the close destinations, we decided to go to Samos, a beautiful North Aegean Island, very close to Turkey.

And, I immediately fell in love… With the proximity, with the people, with the island, with the contrasts and similarities. After visiting Greece for the first time, I knew one thing for sure, I wanted to explore more…

From that time on, either solo or with family, I have been travelling Greece.

Furthermore, I decided to document my trips in a separate blog dedicated to Greece, a blog that I can share my experiences with the whole English speaking community.

If you want to learn more about me and what this blog is about, you can click here.

And the rest is what you will read on this blog…

greek tavern near wonderful greek beach
  1. I really would love to go to Greece. It’s on my wishlist for many years now. There’s something about this beautiful country that has my heart.
    Maybe the history (I’m a history freak…art history above all), the light.
    Great post!!

    • Hi Carina, thank you !!
      There is so much to discover in Greece for a history freak. Athens is a must for starters:)

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