Are you trying to find information about Greece ? I want to help you about planning your dream vacation to Greece. Not sure where to start , how to go, where to stay, things to do, car rental companies, ferry companies, ferry schedules, island routes, insights from destinations? Relax, you’ll find tons of information here.

Hello, my name is Işıl (I know, difficult to pronounce: read as Ishil  ),who is the founder and editor of Greece Traveller.

I am a professional Turkish blogger and have travelled the world and Greece for the perfect holiday spots and hidden gems. I had a chance to collect valuable information about affordable luxury travels for solo and family holidays during my visits.

Like many of you, I was raised to go to college, university,  had a fancy career in banking industry, got married and had kids,  but it didn’t take long for me to realize that “Life is what happens when you are making other plans”…
And all of a sudden, I switched careers to pursue my dream.
Since 2009,  I’ve been writing about my travels in my Turkish blog I  traveled to many amazing  countries and  hundreds of cities and islands around the world. I am not a score keeper and don’t believe in “ 2 months 50 countries” type of travels. I like to digest the cities, countries, islands, people, culture. I have visited many destinations more than once, to be honest more than 2 or 3 🙂
I uncover destinations, people, food, culture to save you time and make the best of your travels. I mainly focus on slow and affordable luxury  travels. One or two destinations at a time. I believe in capturing the moments, breathing the air, enjoying a lazy afternoon and having a great conversation with a local in a tavern. Watching your kids playing in a remote island with another world citizen.. Not being in a rat race in a crowded bus with 60 people and having a 5 minute photo break (Yes, that happens, you know it )
Maybe that’s why I have had great experiences which can now help you to travel in luxe and style – even with kids- but also can save you time and money!
Over the years, I have fallen in love with Greece again and again! Now it is time for me to share my insights and experiences about Greece with the English speaking community. English is not my native language but will try my best to share my notes precisely.
I live in the beautiful city Istanbul, Turkey and travel as much as I can. I have two kids and want them to be humanitarian, nature lover, peaceful globetrotters 🙂
Here I am sharing my passion with people who seek similar interests. I invite you to join my adventure. I hope to inspire you for your next travel to Greece!

Disclaimer : 

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If you decide to make purchase, I will earn a small commission which supports me to keep going.